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BEREAVEMENT AFTER SUICIDE - Walking the Journey with Survivors, Needham MA, March 2009

BEREAVEMENT AFTER SUICIDE - Waking the Journey with Survivor, March, 2011

WORKING WITH LOSS AND GRIEF - Therapeutic Intervention, Norwood, MA, April 2009





As the training coordinator for the MA Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program, I have engaged Dr. Jordan to present many half and full day trainings for widely varied audiences on the unique grief after suicide.  Dr. Jordan has worked extensively with survivors and is able to share a wealth of knowledge with clinicians, families, clergy, funeral home directors, school personnel, survivors themselves and anyone else walking the journey with survivors.  His material is rich and always current and he is always prepared with the many handouts that audiences want to take away with them.  He integrates power point slides and video and encourages audience interaction. 
Dealing with such a sensitive subject is difficult and Dr. Jordan does it better than anyone I’ve worked with in my many years of coordinating trainings.  Dr. Jordan is able to make everyone feel that they’ve been heard and that’s the highest praise I can give a trainer. 

Janice Ventre
Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator
MA Department of Public Health
250 Washington St. 4th floor
Boston, MA  02108 


Jack Jordan is absolutely the best.   The Bereavement Support Group Facilitator Training Program that he developed for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has been attended by more than 1,500 people across the country over ten years and has been enthusiastically well-received by laypeople and professionals alike.  Effortlessly blending deep content knowledge with an engaging, supportive style, Jack has consistently been one of the most frequently requested members of the AFSP Training Corps.  He is routinely described by attendees as “wonderful,” “excellent,” “outstanding,” “amazing,” “informative,” “dedicated,” and “caring.”  It has been a personal and professional privilege to work with Jack. 

Joanne L. Harpel, J.D., M.Phil., Senior Director for Public Affairs and Postvention, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


As the Director of the Trauma and Resiliency Program at the Hincks-Dellcrest Institute in Toronto, Canada, it is my responsibility to provide high quality educational offerings to the mental health community in our area. We have twice had Jack Jordan provide multiple day trainings for us in both Toronto and Montreal, and the response of participants to his trainings has been overwhelmingly favorable. Jack is clearly an expert in the areas of bereavement and traumatic grief, suicide, and grief counseling, and that expertise shows through in his trainings. The content of the workshops are cutting edge, and combine new research and clinical techniques that are immediately relevant to clinicians taking the trainings. Beyond the content, however, Jack’s teaching style is a real asset – his presentations are clear and well organized, and his personal style is relaxed and interactive. He invites questions and comments throughout his workshops, and participants genuinely feel that they can approach him with any topic that is relevant to their work. In short, Jack’s combination of depth of knowledge of his subject matter, his clarity of organization, and his inviting and engaging style as a trainer make his workshops an excellent educational experience for any organization.

Natalie Zlodre M.S.W., R.S.W.
Head of the Trauma and Resiliency Program
Hincks-Dellcrest Institute
114 Maitland Street, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M4Y 1E1


The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is excited to share that Dr. John (Jack) Jordan is an outstanding speaker as well as a treasure to work with. His over 30 years of bereavement experience with survivors of suicide loss has provided a pathway for Ohioans to carry their painful grief and find comfort. Jack’s ability to offer solace and compassion to the survivor community has helped to provide a critical component for healing by helping survivors cope and develop resiliency in order to find meaning.-------Ohio has had Dr Jordan deliver the Keynote address four years in a row at the Statewide Survivors Conference—he is definitely recommended as a repeat performance.
Thanks Dr. Jordan for helping to restore hope and connect for life.

Carolyn Givens, Executive Director
Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation     


Following suicide and traumatic loss, individuals are left to navigate the daunting wilderness that is ‘Grief’, without a map or field guide. As the Executive Director of Tamarack Grief Resource Center, I’ve had the opportunity to bring extraordinary educators, researchers and clinicians to Montana for the annual Grief Institute since 1995.   Dr. Jack Jordan stands out among the best-of-the best. Jack is a gifted educator and guide, gracefully normalizing the complexities following profound loss, while offering hope, encouragement and practical steps for professional support figures and survivors. He has that rare ability to effectively engage a diverse audience of mental health professionals, hospice personnel, teachers, nurses, clergy, and care providers, resulting in participant evaluations that are overwhelmingly positive. What a joy and delight it is to work with Dr. Jordan -- a gift to the field of thanatology.

Tina Barrett, EdD, LCPC, Executive Director,
Tamarack Grief Resource Center
516 South Orange Street
Missoula, MT 59801


Each year the College of Nursing and Health Professions hosts an annual conference on grief.  Dr. Jordan was recommended by other “experts” in the field and he did not disappoint our audience. Because we didn’t want to have an entire one day program on suicide, he tailored his workshop around traumatic loss which was attended by a diverse array of professionals.  Evaluations of the content were excellent and I was particularly pleased with the inclusion of theoretical developments, foundational models, new treatment techniques and a discussion about self-care for the clinician.  Dr. Jordan is extraordinarily easy to work with, keeps the audience engaged and at attention with his use of didactic lecture, clinical case discussions and audiovisual presentations.  I would recommend him for lay as well as professional audiences. We will have him back again.

Susan Hanrahan, Dean,  College of Nursing and Health Professions, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR -------


Jack Jordan, is a pioneer in suicide bereavement who has made and continues to make a significant contribution in the field of thanatology through his clinical work, teaching, publications, and research. This is why we invited him in Greece to give a series of lectures and workshops to professionals and non professionals. Our collaboration was excellent, as Jack tried to understand and respond to the needs of participants and provide them with very rich information and material. He is an outstanding speaker, who communicates in a very comprehensive, organized, and culturally sensitive way, his extensive knowledge and clinical experience in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.  He has an extraordinary talent to capture the attention of participants, to stir up interest, and to facilitate discussion in small and large audiences. I have great respect for his remarkable ability to combine his scientific knowledge with a compassionate approach in teaching and supporting both the bereaved as well as clinicians.  In this country, which currently experiences a dramatic increase in suicides, Jack Jordan made a profound contribution with his enlightening and thought provoking presentations, ideas about public sensitization on suicide bereavement, and valuable services through the provision of clinical supervision to professionals.

Danai Papadatou, Ph.D.
Professor of Clinical Psychology
University of Athens
President of “Merimna” - Society  for the Careof Children and Families Facing Illness and Death