The Suicide Bereavement Clinician Training Program (SBCTP) is a day long workshop designed to educate mental health professionals about the challenge of providing grief therapy for people bereaved by the suicide of a loved one. The Program was developed in collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( and the American Association of Suicidology ( It draws on more than 40 years as a practicing grief therapist, and my extensive work with and knowledge of suicide loss survivors. The SCBTP was developed in response to the acute need for suicide loss survivors to be able to find a competent, compassionate, and knowledgeable mental health professional for assistance after the loss of someone to suicide. The vision for the SCBTP is for me to initially deliver the Program around the U.S., but then to train other experienced clinicians to deliver the Program. In addition, clinicians who complete the Program will be eligible to have their name and contact information included in an online, searchable database (on both the AFSP & AAS websites) that loss survivors can use to find a clinician in their area who cares enough about this issue to take the Program.
You can learn more about the Program at this link to the AFSP website:
The SBCTP can be sponsored by any local organization that is interested in helping suicide loss survivors, and in improving suicide postvention in the U.S. Opportunities exist to partner with a local chapter of AFSP in sponsoring the SBCTP. For more information, or to discuss scheduling a Program, please contact me at